WormHol3 – GameMaker

Are you ready to travel through a wormhole?

Link to game: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bytu2SMne9N9WlZOb05wb1BIOTA/view?pageId=113648142431079282642

I created a game in outer space using GameMaker. I got inspiration from the classic NES 2D side-scroller shooters and the movie Interstellar. I loved the scene in the movie where they travel through the wormhole and a ton of asteroids and bright lights are flying all around them.

Although my game may seem like a typical “scroller/shoot them up” game, Wormhol3 doesn’t have shooting mechanics whatsoever. In fact, the entire game is based around the “dodging” mechanic where you dodge the asteroids approaching you and collect the stars that randomly appear on the screen. The stars are the main source of points. The difficulty rises as you collect more points. The main goal of the game is to reach the end of the wormhole and collect as many points as you can. Yes, this game does have and ending. It is not an endless loop of survival. Wormhol3 did start as an endless loop where you collected as many points as you could before you died, but that changed during game development. The controls are very basic, you just move the spaceship with the arrow keys and hope for the best!

Sadly, nobody has been able to beat this game except for myself. It took me about 200+ tries and a few hours of grinding. The highest score someone other than myself has been able to get is around 70,000, and this is just where the fun starts. This game is absolutely brutal.